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I thought in light of my lack of internet activities over the last 3 or so months,I’d  do a post about the blogs I like to make up for my lack of comments.

I like all the blogs in my blog roll and I follow a ton more than that:O So don’t be upset if I haven’t mention your blog.

So in no particular order…

Universal Doll~  American  in Japan(and America) gyaru blogger covers fashion,lifestyle and beauty
Full of useful information!! Trends,news etc etcXD

Bloomzy~ UK gyaru blogger covers fashion,news,trends etc

No one sleeps in Tokyo~  Uk gyaru blogger covers lifestyle

Moments like Diamonds~ American in US and occasionally Japan blogger covers lifestyle and articles of interest i.e tea ceremony or onsens:)

Finding Tokyo~ American in Japan Lifestyle blogger covers fashion and lifestyle.Love her weekly wrap up:)

I like Make up~ Polish Beauty blogger covers mostly beauty but also has aspects of fashion and lifestyle.Great reviews and shes also  responsible for which I love.

Sushi Cat~ American  blogger,I think this was one of the very 1st blog I began following. covers lifestyle,fashion and alittle bit of beauty

HauteKeikk~   Finnish  gyaru blogger covers mostly lifestyle.

Cupcake Couture~   Finnish gyaru blogger  I translate this one but google translate isn’t so great for Finnish so I tend to just look at her photos.Covers mostly fashion and beauty but i guess if i could read it ,it would be lifestyle aswell:)

Nubby Twiglet~ American graphic designer/blogger~Love her use of typography!!

Lollipop26~ UK beauty blogger

Flyingsaucer~  UK fashion blogger 

Sea of shoes~ American Fashion blogger ….like shoes?you’ll like this blog then,gorgeous photos ,gorgeous shoes,fashion and travel.

If you have the time thou,go and check out the blog listed on the side bar aswell:)
If you have a blog or know of a blog that you think I’d like leave me a comment:D

A bit of help??
I actually can’t for the life of me remember a certain blog.
It was a Finnish girl in Japan writing about fashion(mostly branded I think) for a magazine,last time i read it she’d just had a baby,any ideas?



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  1. and 😉


  2. Ahhh I read Sea of Shoes, too! And a lot of the other blogs too of course LOL I adore so many of those blogs, such great reads!

    Finnish girl in Japan? No idea. Although I am wondering if she was a recent commenter on the Doll since she had a lovely pic of her baby on her blog and talked about buying something in Japan. Now I can't find again >_< ;;


  3. Aah thank you for listing me!


  4. thanks for posting this ^^ now i have new blogs to check out :3

    also i love moments like diamonds :3


  5. Thank you for including me in the list, you are so kind! I will check out the blogs I have never read before, thank you for the recommendations!


  6. Ah, thank you for including me in that list! You are so sweet! Kisses!

    I think you are thinking of With Love From Japan (or Tokyo?). My swede friend recced that blog to me! And she had a baby and was a problogger/working for a mag etc.


  7. Awesome list! I wish Google translator worked better on certain languages, there are so many blogs I wish I could read!!


  8. Thank you for liking my blog!! I hope you can write more soon too~ <33333333 Blogs are so much fun 😀


  9. Thank you for the mention, I love reading your blog too 😀


  10. Hey there,

    My name is Bianca and I am the editor and chief of Eleanorzine. A magazine dedicated towards all nerdy, geeky, and girls. You can check it out at:

    For the June issue. I was really interested in focusing in on gal style. i was wondering if you'd be interested in being featured. I'll email you with further details if you are. I hope so because you are so great and cool and I would be honored to have you featured in the zine.

    Take care,

    email me @ if you are interested!! i would love to work with you 🙂


  11. Ahhh thank you for putting my little ole personal bloggie up there with so many great, informative blogs!!


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