Update:New nail varnishes

I really should stop making post and then saving them because when I come to post them, the dates and timeframes are all wrong and I have to re-word them anyways:(.
Seeing Mitsu’s post on nails trends recently reminded me that I hadn’t posted this yet:O (it also makes me want to start experimenting with my nails again:O).

Couple of weekends ago I received my nail varnishes from  enchantedbeautyspot at ebay which I ordered a while ago but thanks to the ash cloud hadn’t received until recently.

The Friday before I hunted down Barry-M’s ice cream range, and I picked up Blueberry and Berry :D.

Blueberry for me and Berry for my up coming giveaway:D.

Recently I fell out of the habit of doing my nail:( and with my job I don’t actually think I’m allowed to have them painted, but I do anyways because I like having them painted more than I like my job and besides no one has said anything yet.

 Anyway here’s some recent nails~just colour nothing else.
Barry-M’s Blueberry
Lovely colour, good coverage and good price
Essie~Tart deco
Love this one. It’s the exact same shade of coral I used in my final major project last year.
Downside is, it doesn’t mix well with a top coat. It turned the polish a weird orange colour instead of the gorgeous coral it comes out as. Thus this is a polish to wear without top coat which makes can make it more prone to chips:(.
 Barry-M~Fushia 272

I think this is an advertisement for not applying polish in low lighting conditions:O. Messy!

  My newest polish Barry-m~Strawberry ice cream, absolutely adore this one this.

Current polish collection

 I did not know I owned so many pinks:O, which is odd seeing as purple is my favourite colour:S.
Also instersting to see what my brand habits are.
Clearly I love Barry-M~it’s good quality for the price though some of them require more coats than others and they also have a very good range of colours:)
I prefer OPI and Chinaglaze for longer lasting polishes:)
My one and only Mavala polish is missing from this photos:S I love it though, it is the perfect blue based purple and has outstanding coverage. Definitely need to buy more mavala polishesXD.

Also finally got around to buying a new make up bag, since my one is far too small for my daily make up.

BB photo spam again

End of April, I took a day trip to Norwich to see my old house mate and decided to buy a face mask from Lush. The lovely sales girl gave me the other one for free as it was nearing the end of it’s shelf life and because she was nice:D

Also picked up some trainers for high jump, unfortunately for my friend who wanted me to join the gym they’re not running shoes though:O.

The day after (Sunday), my friend and I went for our usual end of month coffee at our local Costa only to discover it was closed. Thus ending with us going for coffee at Sandringham, 😀 and awww look at the cute stuffed corgis:D.

Brought my 1st Elle in a long while and was disappointed …..”beauty special”?? ehh no, it was not.

Began doing a continuous line drawing a day (hence the scruffy appearance), I can draw neatly if I try but I prefer it looking a little more messy:) and abstract.

Returned home after a trip out to find my present(black cats peanut butter) from my dad’s recently trip to South Africa had arrived XD…..I love peanut butter!!
The other peanut butter I brought myself, much to my sisters dismay at the cost…what can I say, I like good quailty peanut butter!! Made with just nuts and oil.



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  1. Oh I love their ice cream range, I am still searching for the purple. 4 different stores didn't even have it D:
    I have the Barry-M~Fushia 272 and I love it too 😀

    I am addicted to peanut butter XD


  2. @bloomzy~They sell out quick.my local didn't have the pink or the purple for ages:(
    Yay a fellow peanut butter lover!!XD


  3. Loving the nail varnishes, the berry looks fab ❤


  4. i love the strawberry ice cream colour I adore barry m :3


  5. Gorgeous colours! ❤ I really like the Essie Tart deco & Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, especially since they're trendy nudes 😉
    Those peanut butters look yummy too :O


  6. NAILS! I can always trust you to have a fabulous manicure, you take care of your hands so well! How does that nude from OPI work? I've been searching for a good nude, but so far no luck.

    Yay Lush and their fabulous staff! I love all their freebies. Those corgis are so cute (tea & corgis lol how British).


  7. I am in love with the new pastel blue by Barry M 😀
    I am also wanting the purple and I blame Emma for it haha XD but I dont need a lot of pursuasion with some BM!! 😀


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