Autumn is here!

I really don’t like Japanese summers, and anyone who does like them, usually gets a very suspicious look from me. Are they crazy??! Perhaps.

Personally I prefer colder weather, I think it’s far easier to warmer up than it is to cool down.

Granted Japanese house really aren’t built for any kind of cold weather, and thus have shoddy insulation at best, couple that with no central heating and I can kinda understand why some people hate Japanese winter.

Truth be told, I’d take Japanese winter any day over Japanese summer, and the constant need to drink water, feeling gross and being unable to wear any nice clothing or look presentable whatsoever.

So my favourite season by far is autumn, it one of the prettiest seasons in the UK and in Japan in my opinion.
The weather (when it’s not raining) is perfect, the temperature is just right. It’s colourful and crisp.

IMG_3971.JPG IMG_3973.JPG IMG_3964.JPG IMG_3972.JPG




What is your favourite season?

Thank you for reading, and please leave a comment down below.




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  1. Wow! Japanese autumn is very pretty~ Irish summer is not so hot and rarely gets over 30℃. I think this summer was around 27℃ or maybe even less.

    While in my home country weather in summer could get up to 36℃ 😵 I don’t really have a favourite season but maybe I will go for Winter or Autumn if I was asked 😄

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    • Thank you for the comment.
      36c!! Wow. Uk’s similar to Ireland, so I’m really not comfortable with anything over 30c haha. This summer was my 3rd summer in Japan, I’m getting more used to it but I still don’t like it.

      Winter and autumn are my faves too, you’ve got xmas, and you don’t melt! haha.

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  2. I have never met anyone that likes summers in Japan *lol* But I do love autumn, it is my favorite season here too. I think, it is great that it is still quite warm, but you can already see the leaves changing colors ^^

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  3. My favourite season is spring, when the flowers bloom and skies are blue and the weather is just right, cool but sunny 🙂 I do love the snow though as it makes everything look so pretty 🙂

    Dannie x


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