Most loved in January.

January has always been my least favourite month of the year, it’s bleak, spring seems like it’s forever away and there’s very little to look forward to.

I did still manage to find some favourites for this month though.




First up, we have Sephora cream lip stain in always red which was given to me by Mitsu when she was last in Tokyo, I quite literally went home and tried this on as soon as I got in the door at gone midnight. No regrets though. It’s a stunning classic red and the formula… much love for the formula. It’s easy to apply with it’s doe footed applicator, smells great and once it dries it’s quite difficult to budge. The only fault I have with this product is that it’s difficult for me to get hold of more colours and there’s no name on the actual product.



I’ve spoken before about my hair woes, and how it just seems to be permanently shitty and dry. I’ve tried oils before and just found they made my hair greasy so I tended to avoid them. That was until I tried Loretta base hair care oil, another gift but this time I received it from Siobhan. And I am so glad she gave it to me, it’s something I just never would have bought myself because I’m always scared of wasting money and to be honest I don’t know this brand very well. So I just would have over looked it.


It is utterly divine! It’s a beautiful damask rose scented oil that just absorbs into my hair and leaves it soft and not frizzy at all. I use it every time I wash my hair,( and sometimes at night because..why not?). This product has actually made me like rose scent, ordinarily I hate rose scented anything and avoid it like the plague but this is….such an intoxicating smell.

Late last year, Danniella informed me I had won her Benefit’s giveaway (I never win anything!) I received it mid-January and gave a couple of the products a try. I had to really resist opening them all. So far though, I have been loving the Dandelion blush and They’re real mascara. In the pan, the blush looks really weak and isn’t a product I would usually pick, however after trying it I can safely say I was mistaken for judging it so soon. It’s one of those gives you a glorious glow products and I have been reaching for it often this last month and pairing it with more dramatic eye make up or lipstick.


As for the mascara. I originally didn’t like the wand, I thought it was too cumbersome, but having used it for nearly two weeks solid now I am in love. It evenly coats my lashes, separates them and keeps the curl. What more could I ask for.



Us by David Nicholls



I own all of David Nicholls books, and when I saw he was releasing a new one last year I was so excited ..until I saw the price of the e-book in the Kindle shop. I think upon release it was something like 16 pounds? and it was also really expensive to buy the actual book from too. So I resigned myself to not having it and waiting until the price became more reasonable. Thus  I have only recently been able to get hold of it, but it was worth the wait. Perhaps I am biased since I have reread his other books multiply times but I really just love his style, I find it so relatable, witty and engrossing.


As for this months favourite program, I started re-watching The Office US (I’m not really a fan of the UK one).

I am a big fan of comedies (if you couldn’t tell from my previous months tv fav),and if I find a show that really makes me chuckle, I will happily re-watch it over and over again.  Why do I like the US office over the UK one? Hmm I think the US one has less cringe-comedy than the UK one, but if I am honest I’m not really sure why I prefer it over the UK one. I just do. I think it might have something to do with that fact that I do like the main characters, where as I never like the UK’s main characters.

What were your favourites for January?

Thank you for reading,




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  1. This is the second time I’ve seen someone mention Loretta being amazing. Any idea if it’s available at drugstores or would I be better off looking at Loft?

    Also, I love Benefit’s dandelion blush. I have a kit with that and highlighter/stain/lipgloss I refilled last time I was in the U.S. and even bought some as a gift for my bf’s sister when we visited. I’m so happy Sephora is shipping to Japan now.

    You obviously really love lipsticks! Do you have advice on keeping your lips like, lipstick ready? I never wear anything without a gloss because my lips chap, color doesn’t bled, etc. It just never looks right.


    • Was the other post Mirukut? Or tired of tokyo? I have seen it in some drug stores but not all. Loft is probably safest.
      Haha, I really do… It’s becoming a problem.
      Hmm a good scrub and balm are my tips. A toothbrush can be good for scrubbing, or I like lush’ sugar scrubs but I think you can easily make a sugar lip scrub too. As for balms, I love Nuxe and ettusais lip treatment :). Hope that helped 🙂


      • Tired of Tokyo! I love following her fashions~

        And thank you! The Lush ladies are always pushing that sugar scrub but I tried it once and was unimpressed. I’ll try the toothbrush next time. Thanks for the recs!


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