Tokyo//Food: Gudetama cafe in Machida.

I missed the last Gudetama themed cafe in Yokohama. But thankfully Village Vanguard decided to host it again.

So on Saturday, I headed to Machida, located in the west of Tokyo…quite a way west actually. It takes half an hour on the rapid express train to get there from Shinjuku station.

I set off feeling the niggles of a headache only to get there and have a full blow headache plus nausea decide to set up camp. I pressed on though, and met up with Ashley, Kathryn and Siobhan. We waited for nearly an hour, I can’t say exactly how long as for most of it I was seated elsewhere massaging my neck and head hoping it would ease up my headache.



For most character themed cafes, you look at the menu while you queue and then they take your order before you even get inside the cafe. I think we ordered our meals, about 40 minutes before we went in. I choose taco rice, the burger looked good too but I hadn’t had taco rice in ages. If you ordered a meal, you also got a mug to take home, however it wasn’t free. Ashley told us the previous cafe in Yokohama had cheaper prices and non-manditory cup purchase. I wasn’t too upset about the mug but it’s kinda crappy that you had no choice.

Eventually we got in to the actual cafe, but first we had to pay for our meals before we ate. Hmmm, ok. Personally when they asked this, I was annoyed. I thought it was because we had order 4 meals but only 3 of us were in the queue and they thought we’d not pay or something. However we soon realised it was standard practice at this cafe. I guess it makes for a smoother exit. After we’d paid and taken many photos of all the glorious Gudetama-ness outside the cafe, we were seated.





And then the food arrived…..




Not sure why we were asleep :O


Ashley’s food
Siobhan’s food


A million photos later, I tucked into my taco rice and it was delicious and cute. SO good. Not as good as Ksk’s taco rice, but then I’ve never found anything as good as his. However It was much better than the previous taco rice I had eaten at the Adventure Time cafe in Shimo-kitazawa, that still hunts me.

With my taco rice, I also got a small mug of soup and some coleslaw. The soup was delightful and full of flavour but the coleslaw was kinda blah.

Afterwards, we checked out the Village Vanguard located up stairs, as expected they had an abundant collection of Gudetama goods on sale, it was quite difficult to not buy everything. I resisted though, and only picked up a mini plushie. Upon paying, if you presented them with your cafe receipt you also got a free special sticker.







What do you think about theme cafes?

Thank you for reading,




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  1. So much Gudetama Merchandise (*o*) Everything looks really cute and it’s a good thing that after paying up front the meal was good 😉


  2. This looks so much fun! Everything is so cute… 🙂


  3. It looks so cute! I love gudetama. I wish I’d known it was there when I was last in that part of Japan. Theme cafe’s are so cute but I hate the queueing.


  4. Gudetaaaama! I wish they’d had mugs when we went to Kiddy Land the other dayーwould have gotten those. Then again, as I mentioned on Instagram, he just spent literally 20 minutes watching that whole Gudetama DVD… Shame they weren’t selling that either!

    It’s a shame about the paying/mandatory mugーthe wait I guess would be expected since it’s popular. I wish they’d do it at the Shimokita Village Vanguard (much closer!) but I guess it’s too small.
    Looks great though! 😀


  5. I definitely wish I had bought more Gudetama stuff during my holiday! He is so cute and I somehow only got a note book :O :O

    The cafe looks so good and it took me a while to realise Siobhan’s dish was sweet and probably didn’t have an egg cracked on to it haha


  6. That tiny little Gudetama butt though! ❤


  7. You are so pretty! I’m glad your headache didn’t stop you from having a good night 🙂 the food looks too cute to eat!

    Dannie x


  8. I love your blog! Quick question – any idea when the Gudetama Cafe will be over, assuming it’s a pop-up? I’m planning on visiting at the end of April 2015. Thanks!


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