Japan//travel: Tokushima

The last weekend of January, Ksk and I took a trip to Tokushima prefecture located on Shikoku island near Osaka. We went for a wedding, well Ksk went for the wedding, I was invited to the second party. Yeah, there was a second party.
Japanese weddings are expensive and often have two after parties.
I actually got invited to the first party too when someone cancelled but I declined. As everything I’d heard about Japanese weddings made it sound like a big mess of social etiquette and stress. So I opted for the less formal (ego less stressful) second party option.

We flew to Tokushima from Haneda, it was my first time flying within Japan. The flights to and from Tokushima took about an hour each way and were uneventful. I mostly just slept.

The wedding was on Saturday, so we only really had Sunday to do some sightseeing.






Otsuka Museum of Art, when it was suggested we visit this place, I though it sounded fun. I love art and visiting galleries. This however is not an actual art gallery, it’s a museum full of very high quality ceramic board reproductions of famous art and places in the world. Slightly disappointed there wasn’t a single piece of real art in the museum but it was interesting to see lots of works I probably will never get the chance to see in real life. We also had excellent sea bream here for lunch. But over all it was expensive at just over 3000 yen per ticket.IMG_6784-0






Naurto strait is where two currents meet and at certain points in the day create an epic whirlpool. Unfortunately we had missed the optimal time to view it that day but it was still pretty cool to see. But so cold!! The wind was so unforgiving on the walk to the viewing area.




Because Ksk attended the wedding, he also got to pick out a gift. This idea truly confused me when I opened the box to this. I pulled it out and thought, ah we have to pick them a gift from this magazine. Makes sense from a western point of view, people have gift list, why not a catalog I guess. Ksk informed me, it was a catalog for him to pick a gift for himself.

:O I am never having a wedding party in Japan if I have to give everyone a gift :O, if i do that I’ll never have any money ever again. Maybe a touch over dramatic, but still….:O


Anyone been to Tokushima? or a Japanese wedding?

Thank you for reading,




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  1. I really want to go to a wedding but the cost is just ridiculous. Kind of typical materialistic Japan I suppose…


  2. I attended my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding… And you aren’t kidding! I don’t want to think about the costs of all the dresses, food, venue, etc. I suppose even though it was the grandest wedding I think I’ll ever attend, the guests weren’t giving catalogs to choose gifts, they were given little treat bag things and thank you letters were sent afterward.

    It was very beautiful though, I can imagine wanting to have an event that magical to cherish, but I really felt the purpose is to show off to your guests and family that you have become a unit, and less about celebrating your romance, like I feel western weddings are.


  3. Oh dear, I never knew that about Japanese weddings! :O Did he choose a gift? :O

    Dannie x


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