Most loved in February.

The weather’s been a bit crazy recently in Tokyo but I know that spring is just around the corner, so I’m tolerate of it. I’m just relived that February is over (it’s not been a good month) and very excited about the coming months. Spring is my second favourite season after autumn.

On to the favourites for this month.  I stated before that I’ve been really loving brown eyeliner recently, and thus I had been looking for a good liquid liner. Most of the ones I came across here were reddish brown, which I really don’t like. Mimei recommended Ettusus liquid liner in brown a few times in her videos, and so I went to check it out. It’s a cool toned brown which I love, has a great brush and lasts well. Sold!

As well as brown eyeliner, I’ve really been drawn to cool nails and Essie in the shade Chinchilly is my new nail polish love. It’s all I’ve worn since I bought it…in fact I’m wearing it now with Colour Club’s Fashion Addict.

It’s no secret I adore lipsticks and actively collect them, this month I really fell for liquid lipsticks, in particularly matte liquid lipsticks. I love matte lipsticks for how long lasting they are. Liquid matte lipsticks combine that longevity with effortless application. If I could convert my entire lipstick collection into liquid mattes, that would be just …perfect!

I don’t often mention fashion related favourites but I feel like I have to. The amount of #fromwhereIstand posts featuring these shoes this month, means they need to be mentioned.They are my shiny patent Zara booties, after an intial difficult start (oh the blisters!!!) I finally managed to break them in and well, they’ve been my go to shoe for most of the month. Effortless but makes even my most basic outfit look a bit more glamorous and smart.


Honourably mention to the holographic shoes I mentioned in this post…. they’re holographic, no more words are needed.


Actually I haven’t been reading much recently. I did however reread a book I first read as a child. My name is not common in the  UK at all, in fact I have never met another Alanna, I have met an Alana but not an Alanna. The spelling difference is cruical!

I spent a lot of my school years disliking my name and wish I was called Sarah or something. A nice normal name that everyone can pronounce. I always knew when a new teacher or sub would get to my name as there would be this inevitable pause, followed by the ” I don’t know if I’m pronouncing this properly ……Elaina? Alarranaah? ” and me just thinking, ‘WHy couldn’t my parents call me a REGULAR NORMAL name!!!? “. Then one day in year 6 (6th grade)  I found this book in the year 6 communal library, “Alanna the first adventure“. I was soo excited! It had my name on it and it was spelt the exact same way. 11 year old me immediately borrowed it and read it as quickly as I could. Thankfully I’ve come to really love my name and appreciate it.


Blue Planet, I’ve mentioned it before about… 4 years ago :S, but it’s still a favourite. I am petrified of deep water, I’m not a great swimmer and not know what’s beneath me, is terrify-i-n-g! Despite this, I love watching documentaries and especially love Blue planet. I find it oddly soothing (but maybe that’s David Attenbourgh…he has the best voice!), I highly recommend you check it out.

What was your February favourite?

Thank you for reading,




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  1. I was the biggest Tamora Pierce nerd when I was young! In fact I’m sitting here looking at my (almost) complete collection still on my bookshelf. They were so inspirational, I’m happy that they helped you to love your name ❤


  2. I also love a good brown eyeliner!! For blue eyes, it helps making the blue stand out more.


  3. I share your love for liquid mattes, they are amazing! Actually… liquid lipsticks in general are amazing. The new ones from Rimmel do not move at all 🙂

    I love your holographic shoes too 🙂

    Dannie x


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