Week in photos #18, #19 and #20- Three weeks rolled into one post

I’m consolidating three weeks into one post here, it’s almost like a end of the month post :(.

I’m not changing my format, these posts will still be weekly. I just have a surplus of week in photo posts to actually post because the last couple of weeks were pretty much a write off in terms of blogging. Combination of shoddy sleeping (I never sleep well) problems with my neighbour, and stress, meant I was unexpectedly exhausted.

So the last few weeks, during the week has been relatively quiet. With it being one of the busier periods at work, my evenings have mostly been, come home, eat and then try to sleep.

From the 2nd of March until the 22nd .

WEEK one

I awoke on Tuesday  2nd morning to the sound of my front doorbell ringing. Ordinarily that sound feels me dread and I pretend I’m not in. Pretty easy to do when there are 2 security doors (I don’t like answering the door or the phone in Japan) . It was ok though, it was just my Fairydrops mascara :D.    Nothing special on Thursday, except NICE WEATHER! Actually the weathers very random recently and we’ve been hit with a lot of over cast and raining days . In the evening, I picked up a new mojito, I sometimes drink, very rarely in the week though. While mojito shopping, I stumbled upon some new limited edition soy flavours, and couldn’t resist.

Friday, after work I suddenly felt the urge to pick up some pens for drawing and some light knits from GU. My trip was a success, I do slightly regret not getting this blazer though. I love blazers, they were one of my favourite items of clothing in the UK. When I moved to Japan, I sacrificed one of my blazers (probably for shoes) and always meant to buy another one to replace it.

Saturday evening saw the return of Ksk, I’ve missed him a lot more recently. Usually I’m fine being by myself, in fact I really enjoy my own company but with everything thats been happening recently I really needed him home. We went for Tsukemen (dipping noodles) in Tokyo equivalent of Soho, Shinjuku-Nichome.

Our 1 year wedding anniversary was on Sunday the 8th, and to celebrate it, we decided to recreate one of our old dates ( yeah, kinda sappy I know). Some of the places we went to had closed down but we had fun and relaxed. Which was the point.

WEEK two

PANCAKE DAY. Since Ksk wasn’t around for the real Pancake day, I insisted we needed to have pancakes on Monday. I just used pancake day as an excuse really as I  wanted some pancakes, and I miss pancake day. It’s one of my favourite event days in the UK.

Tuesday night, Ksk came home with an early white day gift.

Quiet Friday evening. Earlier in the day, I ate lunch at a university canteen and was shocked at how cheap and delicious it was, and by the fact that it included a nutrition breakdown. My lunch was not health in the slightest, I panicked and picked curry.

Ksk and I were both excited about his first Saturday off in maybe 2 or 3 weeks. So we tried to make the most of it, and headed out for lunch, donuts, coffee and walking. Perfect Saturday in my opinion. We both forgot it was white day, which caused some problems when it came to booking a restaurant in the evening. But we went to one of our favourite indian curry places instead.

I usually work on Sunday mornings, so after I had finished, we went for (surprise) coffee, haha. I really like coffee, if you hadn’t guessed. We grabbed our coffees and meander slowly towards home, randomly stopping to look for iPad cases and baked goods along the way.

WEEK Three

On Tuesday 17th I spotted these Gudetama mugs in Lawsons and obviously picked one up. I never buy mugs as I don’t really have the space for them, but I couldn’t resist this one and it actually very useful for drinking miso. I also met up with Stasia for some delicious rainbow taco rice and a catch up.

Wednesday I met up with Aditi for coffee and lots of chats. We went to Cafe lexcel just outside Tokyo station.

Wore a lot of purple/grey hues on Friday

We got our tickets to Universal Studio Japan on Saturday (we won them at the wedding at Tokushima), so Ksk and I made Kyoto plans while we ate our breakfast. In the evening we met up with friends for Yaki Niku, and we had this delicious chilled tomato ramen.

After being woken up super early by the fire alarm,I meet up with Sarah on Sunday and we headed to World Breakfast Allday to try they Peruvian breakfast. And in the evening, Ksk and I had Indian curry.

Phew, such a long post. And how have you been?

Thank you for reading,




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  1. All the delicious food & USJ! Jealous!


  2. You’re going to USJ? Awesome.


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