Tokyo// food: J.S. Burger Cafe

Regular menu

J.S. Burger Cafe is owned by BAYCREW (Journal Standard, Acme furniture, Filbert Steps, J.S Pancakes etc etc) and as expected is stylish burger joint and surprisingly sells a reasonable priced delicious burger. I say surprisingly as I feel Japan puts a lot of emphasis on style over substance, and am thus always dubious of anywhere/anything stylish.

Promotional menu March 2015

This isn’t a fast food burger place, although I feel it might be similarly priced to Freshness Burger, the quality and value is much higher in my opinion,

First off, I have to state this is NOT my favourite burger place, that title is reserved for Golden Brown. It is however one of my most frequented burger places, which I think is a testament to how good it is.

They have 4 location in Tokyo, I have been to 3 of those. The first visit was with Siobhan, we grabbed lunch at the Shibuya cafe in Parco. Second time, I went with Stasia to the Harajuku shop again at lunch time for the Ghostbuster special burgers , and then the subsequent two times after that I’ve grabbed dinner in the Shinjuku cafe.

Stasia’s burger
My burger
Close up of my burger

Here are the Ghostbuster special burgers, Stasia got the black burger and I pick the Avocado rich burger (as it had no cheese), If I remember correctly, they didn’t come with a drink but you did get fries and salad bar. I really enjoyed my burger but anything with avocado is good in my books.IMG_4492

The times I mentioned before are important, as when I went for lunch I bought the lunch sets. Which comes with a drink and re-fillable salad bar at roughly 920 yen (the Ghostbusters burger was more) . Where as when I went in the evening, I only brought my burger and there was no salad bar or drinks set. I think you get like 100 yen off if you buy a drink in the evening, which doesn’t seem worth it to me. Can’t complain though, as this is standard practice in a lot of restaurants and cafe in Japan, they’ll have an awesome lunch set and then normal regular prices for dinner time with no deals.

Let’s talk about that salad bar again, salad in Japan is quite often just cabbage….I’m not joking, you don’t know how many times after I first arrived I bought a nice looking salad only to discover, about 80% of it was shredded cabbage. And cabbage is the worst vegetable!  J.S Burger’s salad bar has actual salad…and it’s delicious and you can re-fill.

Their burgers are customisable, I love being able to customise my meals, I don’t feel I’m particularly fussy but I do like adding on stuff. Yes, my eyes are often to big for my stomach :O.

So I like J.S Burger for it awesomely priced lunch set, the delicious burgers, the deco and atmosphere. I’d recommend it for it’s cheap lunch time sets.

Have you tried J.S.Burger? What’s your favourite burger topping?

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  1. Oooh I am so hungry now! 😦 Why do your food posts do this to meeeee 😦
    I’m very fussy and usually I can only stomach lettuce or tomato sauce on my burger 😛

    Dannie x


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