How I know I’m getting old.

  Ageing is inevitable I know, but I had, naively thought that it would be a while before I felt my age or felt like I was getting OLD.

“Age is just a number”/” you’re only as old as you feel”, are often said to comfort the notion of getting old. And, well today…. today I feel about 60.

I don’t think of myself as old, but when people a lot younger than me talk about current trendy topics I begin to wonder….am I old? I follow Kylie Jenner on instagram (she the only one from that clan I can stand) and all her followers comments “First/ LB”, and confuse the f%#k out of me. I decided for once and for all last week to google it and see what the hell they were talking about … wasn’t that interesting. I wasn’t missing out. But it does make me realise that life is changing so much and how easily it is to fall out of current trends and feel out of date.

Why am I making this post? Well, actually I’m writing this because yesterday, I fell down some stairs at a busy train station (it wasn’t a giant stair case, just about 6 or 7 stairs). How did I fall? My ankle gave way, it’s happened before and I had thought it was just a one off but yesterday, it happened again. My ankle just completely failed me, and I thought, I’m too young to be having faulty ankles!!

Besides my horrifically bruised ego (oh, the embarrasment), I thought I was ok, until about half an hour later I realised I’d scrapped up a few fingers and then today, I ache so much. The palms of my hand feel bruised and both fore arms feel like I have been cleaning Mr. Miyagi’s car, you know wax on, wax off. I guess the forearms took more of the force from the fall than I had thought. 

Hopefully some deep heat and taking things slowly will fix up my achy limbs. 

I wonder though, what makes you feel old? 

Thank you for reading. 



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  1. I hope you’re feeling better! My ankles give out all the time, especially in front of people! 😀

    I feel old when I find myself thinking “ew young people!” when I’m out 😀

    Dannie x


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