Week in Photos – #26 #27 and #28 -Golden Week, Shibas and a bit of a personal update.

It’s been a while. Apologies for disappearing, I got busy with work and lacked motivation to post.

In all honesty, I haven’t been feeling very positive recently, a myriad of little things have stack up and I ended up becoming overwhelmed with them all. My moods lately have been very up and down, usually I feel like I’m good at keeping abreast of it all, and skirting around that dreaded pit of depression but recently I just plummet.. a lot. I have a few weeks of fine, I can do anything and then a few weeks of I don’t want to see anyone, do anything, eat, sleep. Nothing. I take no pleasure from anything, and everything annoys and enrages me, and just want to distract myself with shows.

So not only have my moods been very low and irritable lately, I’ve become more anxious. I’m an anxious person anyway, as a child I would worry about dying from radiation poisoning, where I would have found radioactive material in Norfolk didn’t really cross my mind at the time but it still kept me up at night.

In the last couple of years, I’ve found myself having more anxiety attacks, the most recent one occurred on the train. I was traveling to work when I began to feel faint, I’ve fainted once in my life (that I know of) and it was a horrible terrifying experience that I would never like to repeat and thinking about it makes me panic.

I think that’s the first time I’ve actually ever mentioned my “issues”, usually I keep them to myself. I think coming from a family of anxious people has put pressure on me to always be ok, and always be on top of things, when the truth is I’m often merely treading water and feel like I’m struggling a lot of the time.

So enough babble, I have 6 weeks worth of “Week in photos” posts to upload, which I’ve split into two posts.

Week #26 and #27 ~24th April to 7th May

Golden week kind of spanned two weeks this year. Showa day fell on a Wednesday 29th April, and I meet with my fired, Melli for burritos. Unfortunately the queue was massive and we gave up and got burgers instead (pictured queue is for shaved ice but the burrito queue was equally as long). The day ended up being a lazy wander around Harajuku, visiting Kiddyland (Oh Gude heaven!)  and finally were we joined by Nicola and Madeleine for some coffee and chats.

Saturday 2nd, Ksk and I went to Sarutahiko Coffee’s new cafe in Sengawa. Regular readers and followers of my Instagram will well know, I love Sarutahiko, so of course I had to visit the new cafe. And it didn’t disappoint. It was stunning , so spacious and stylish. And of course, the coffee was delicious!

Midori day fell on a Monday 4th May, Ksk and I meet with friends for a picnic in the park. Delicious cheese, good company and shiba spotting, ahhh bliss.

Tuesday (Children’s day) 5th, I met with Stasia for another attempt at burritos, but it was not meant to be:(. Instead we checked out Aloha Table and had a delicious lunch set. Followed by a wander around Harajuku afterward, where I picked up the best pirate cat sticker from B-Side Label and we found some amazing sunglasses at Monki.

Since Ksk had to buy his mother a Mother’s day gift (UK Mother’s day is on a different date), we headed to Tokyu Hands on Thurday 7th. When I’m hungry, I buy stupid things, like nano blocks but some how I  resisted this stupidly cute Gudetama bag! So much regret.

Week #28 – 9th May to 15th May

We were suppose to be meeting a 8 month old shiba on Sunday 10th  but there was a mix up with the dog and it turned out she was already on trial with another family :(. So we went to the rehoming centre anyway and then took a leisurely stroll through Yoyogi park.

We ended our epic walk with some Italian food at our favourite place.

Tuesday 12th, I met with Siobhan for drinks and chats. We hadn’t seen each other for a while! And my coworker gave me a bag of Gudetama candy floss! So cute!


The second post of “Week in Photos” will be up tomorrow.

That was a photo heavy post, thank you for reading.

 How are you?



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